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"The Original Reiki Heals , A Path to Joyful life That Teaches Us The screte Arts Of Inviting Happiness And Miraculous Medicine Of All Diseases "
By Usui Miko(The Founder Of Reiki)

What is reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Science that teaches Healing Technique to keep our body in Good Health and in balance . Reiki is a Study of Healing method which has no religion but is an expression of Love . Reiki is a very Simple yet powerful not only healing Technique but also Sprital growth that can be easily learnt by any one .
Reiki Healing Techniques
Reiki Is Taken Not Given ............
Reiki Healing Techniques
Every One Heals Himself/Herself......
Reiki Healing Techniques
It is independent of thoughts..........
Reiki Healing Techniques
We are More Channels of energy and Not Doctors ..
Reiki Healing Techniques
It is Independent of thoughts feelings,belif systems and faith......
Reiki Healing  Technique Founder :  Usui Mikao

How Reiki Works ?

The ability to channel reiki energy cann't be learnet by reading the mannul only .This is transfered to the student by the Reki Master during an ATTUENMENT PROCESS. As it is done ,you have and enjoy the god's conciousness , the spritual growth.

Reiki Flow Coming From High Cosmose Universe , flows through Crown Chakra , Third Eye Chakra , Throat Chakra , Heart Chakra , and to its extension hands . The Reiki acts upon Aura Level , Physical Level , Emotional Level and is thus a Holistic System of Healing.Reiki goes to Chakra and from there to the endocrine System that produces harmons ;Harmons keep our body in good health and in balance. Physical chemicalization or relize of toxins which cause disease that is an unpleasent and yet favourable Sysmto During The Course of treatment in cronic diseases.In acute cases usually involve an immediat healing crises or agravation of systems-Ususally around 8th or 9th day.Treatment is continued untill Systems disappear. In the event of relaps tratment is given untill systems dissolve and the healing crises passes through.

Who can learn Reiki ?

Any one can Learn Reiki .It is not dependent on intellectual capacity nr does one have to able meditate. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student .
Success Story
Mrs.Takata have Been diagnosed with several ailments, the main one beeng asthma She was guided to Dr.Hayashie's Clinic in tokyo and after receiving four months of Reiki treatement was completely cured .She wanted to learn Reiki for herself . Then she worke with Dr.Hayashi at his Clinic and she became the Reiki Master.
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